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multiple -CFLAGS

Added by Iztok Jeras almost 2 years ago

I would like to pass more then one include path with

-CFLAGS -Ipath1 -Ipath2

but the generated Makefile contains only the first include path

        -Ipath1 \

What is the proper syntax for passing multiple flags?

Regards, Iztok Jeras

Replies (2)

RE: multiple -CFLAGS - Added by Wilson Snyder almost 2 years ago

Updated docs.

=item -CFLAGS I<flags>

Add specified C compiler flag to the generated makefiles, for multiple flags either pass them as a single argument with space separators quoted in the shell (C<-CFLAGS "-a -b">), or use multiple -CFLAGS arguments (C<-CFLAGS -a -CFLAGS -b>). When make is run on the generated makefile these will be passed to the C++ compiler (gcc/g++/msvc++).

RE: multiple -CFLAGS - Added by Iztok Jeras almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the updated documentation. I actually tried both before writing this post. I was already getting angry, when I found out I was not cleaning properly before a make.