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Issue #1424

Verilator does not complain about invalid parameter declaration

Added by Peter Gerst 7 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

% Done:



Verilator fails to trow syntax error on parameter declaration without constant expression, like this:
parameter param1; /* constant expression is missing */

See the following example codes.

module parameter_lint (
    input wire CLK,
    input wire RST,
    input wire in0,
    output reg out0

parameter param0 = 0;
parameter param1;

always @(posedge CLK) begin
    if (RST) begin
        out0 <= 0;
    end else begin
        out0 <= in0;



module parameter_main(
    input wire CLK,
    input wire RST,
    input wire in0,
    output reg out0

parameter_lint #(
    .param1 (1'd0),
    .param0 (1'd0)
) inst0 (
    .CLK (CLK),
    .RST (RST),
    .in0 (in0),
    .out0 (out0)


Verilator is called in the following way:

$ verilator --lint-only -Wall parameter_main.v

The command above finishes without error. If I comment out the assignment of param1 in instantiation of parameter_lint module in parameter_main.v I get internal error.

$ verilator --lint-only -Wall parameter_main.v
%Error: Internal Error: parameter_lint.v:9: ../V3Param.cpp:277: Parameter without initial value
%Error: Internal Error: See the manual and for more assistance.
%Error: Command Failed /usr/local/bin/verilator_bin --lint-only -Wall parameter_main.v

I used verilator release 4.012 built under cygwin.

Normally i used to call Verilator with specifying verilog 2001 language standard that needs constant expression in parameter declaration. (Xilinx syntheser i used supports this standard.) It seems to be valid for SystemVerilog 2017 as well (, page 120).


#1 Updated by Wilson Snyder 7 months ago

  • Status changed from New to AskedReporter

Parameter without initial values are legal in SystemVerilog 2017, this is not disabled when requesting earlier versions (and you request a earlier version anyhow).

I think everything is working as intended, except that the Internal Error should instead be a user error that the provided parameter was not provided (IEEE 2017 6.20.1).


#2 Updated by Peter Gerst 7 months ago

From the referenced documentation it seems to me that initial value can be omitted only in exceptional cases, but I must confess that I am far from an expert. :)

For my FPGA design I want to catch syntax errors and possible coding failures as soon as possible. For this I use verilator to lint sources before implementation that saves (and already saved) me lot of potential headaches.

In the demonstrated case I get syntax error from the Xilinx syntheser after a successful linting with verilator. The aim of this issue was to point this out.

More explicit I used this for linting:
$ verilator --lint-only --default-language 1364-2001 -Wall -Wno-PINCONNECTEMPTY <TOP_module>

Is it possible to add warning message for Verilog 2001? Or would it be overkill to implement this?

#3 Updated by Wilson Snyder 7 months ago

  • Category changed from Parser to Lint
  • Status changed from AskedReporter to Confirmed
  • Assignee set to Wilson Snyder

Makes sense. Will do this then: 1. Add error when no initial value in pre-SV-2012. 2. Otherwise, change internal error to user error.

#4 Updated by Peter Gerst 7 months ago

Sounds perfect. Thank you!

#5 Updated by Wilson Snyder 7 months ago

  • Status changed from Confirmed to Resolved

Fixed in git towards 4.014.

#6 Updated by Wilson Snyder 6 months ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

In 4.014.

#7 Updated by Peter Gerst 6 months ago

It works. Thank you very much!

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