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Issue #1444

Invalid xml output generated when code contains functions with string arguments

Added by Kanad Kanhere 6 days ago. Updated 4 days ago.

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For the attached code (, verilator (4.014) is generating invalid xml output (attached Vtopmod.xml).

The run command:

verilator_bin -sv --xml-only --Mdir verilator_output --top-module topmod

On line 52 of file Vtopmod.xml, the xml statement reads
<const fl="d20" name="\"invalid input during reset\"" dtype_id="2"/>
XML format needs '&quot;' be used for quotes and not '\"'

I took a shot at root-causing the issue and my investigation leads me to believe that the culprit is the putsQuoted() function in V3EmitXml.cpp which has a call

The V3Number::quoteNameControls function uses C++ style of escaping special characters, and hence doesn't work with XML. (576 Bytes) Kanad Kanhere, 05/16/2019 03:39 PM

Vtopmod.xml View (2.92 KB) Kanad Kanhere, 05/16/2019 03:39 PM

0001-relocate-quoteNameControls-function-from-V3Number-to.patch View (6.05 KB) Kanad Kanhere, 05/16/2019 10:54 PM

0001-Fix-for-issue-1444.patch View (6.78 KB) Kanad Kanhere, 05/17/2019 06:54 PM


#1 Updated by Wilson Snyder 6 days ago

  • Status changed from New to Confirmed

Your diagnosis sounds reasonable, perhaps you could provide a patch? Probably V3File's OutFormatter is the right spot to quote, or perhaps V3EmitXml.

#2 Updated by Kanad Kanhere 6 days ago

I can work on a fix. What I am not sure is whether
  • Add language argument to V3Number::quoteNameControls function
  • Create a new function in V3OutputFormatter - but this sounds like logic duplication

#3 Updated by Wilson Snyder 6 days ago

  • Category set to WrongRuntimeResult
  • Assignee set to Kanad Kanhere

Thanks for taking this on & asking.

V3Number::quoteNameControls really is in the wrong place, I would suggest first make a patch that moves it to be a static function in V3OutFormatter::quoteNameControls that takes a language argument. (It looks like it's called from places where there isn't a File object to taking the language as parameter is easiest vs. making it a member function and having to construct lots of temp classes.) All tests should pass as-is.

Then second patch would change this function for XML - please also update the e.g. test_regress/t/t_xml_tag.v test to exercise this case.

#4 Updated by Kanad Kanhere 5 days ago

First patch to relocate quoteNameControls function from V3Number to V3OutFormatter is attached.

Please let me know if it needs correction/modification.


#5 Updated by Wilson Snyder 5 days ago

0001 looks good, I just changed some spacing to bring up to newer standard (no tabs). Pushed to git in 4.015.

#6 Updated by Kanad Kanhere 5 days ago

Patch for the fix is attached. Includes test update.

#7 Updated by Wilson Snyder 5 days ago

Please add a \005 to the test and I suspect you'll see we need to also ampersand-number quote non-ascii similar to the C version.

We probably could use the &number style for special characters too, but people might find that odd. Either way.

#8 Updated by Kanad Kanhere 5 days ago

Do you mean U+0005 control character? My understanding is that it is not allowed in XML 1.0 [] Or do you mean non-printable characters should be spelt out in XML.

Basically can you give a transfer function from ascii-code to xml string and I can certainly update the function for that.


#9 Updated by Wilson Snyder 4 days ago


says you can character escape unicode format in decimal (better) or hex, so  (ampersand pound 5 semi)

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