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Issue #1459

Getting Error with Verilog::Netlist Module

Added by Utkarsh Khanna 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Hi all, I am actually running the normal test program of this Verilog::Netlist module but the out comes cant find the references to DFFQXLAD , and so on.. Please Help

module counter ( clk, reset, enable, dat_out );
  output [15:0] dat_out;
  input clk, reset, enable;
  wire   N69, N70, N71, N72, N73, N74, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N82,
         N83, N84, N86, N88, N90, N92, N94, N96, n42, n43, n44, n45, n46, n47,
         n48, n49, n50, n51, n52, n53, n54, n55, n56, n57, n58, n59, n60, n61,
         n62, n63, n64, n65, n66, n67;

  EDFFX2AD \dat_out_sig_reg[0]  ( .D(N69), .E(N96), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[0])
  EDFFX2AD \dat_out_sig_reg[1]  ( .D(N70), .E(N94), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[1])
  EDFFX2AD \dat_out_sig_reg[2]  ( .D(N71), .E(N92), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[2])
  EDFFX2AD \dat_out_sig_reg[3]  ( .D(N72), .E(N90), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[3])
  EDFFX2AD \dat_out_sig_reg[4]  ( .D(N73), .E(N88), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[4])
  EDFFX2AD \dat_out_sig_reg[5]  ( .D(N74), .E(N86), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[5])
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[8]  ( .D(N77), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[8]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[15]  ( .D(N84), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[15]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[6]  ( .D(N75), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[6]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[11]  ( .D(N80), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[11]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[9]  ( .D(N78), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[9]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[13]  ( .D(N82), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[13]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[14]  ( .D(N83), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[14]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[7]  ( .D(N76), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[7]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[10]  ( .D(N79), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[10]) );
  DFFQXLAD \dat_out_sig_reg[12]  ( .D(N81), .CK(clk), .Q(dat_out[12]) );
  NAND2BX1AD U53 ( .AN(enable), .B(reset), .Y(N96) );
  OAI2BB1X1AD U54 ( .A0N(dat_out[0]), .A1N(enable), .B0(reset), .Y(N94) );
  INVX1AD U55 ( .A(n42), .Y(N92) );
  AOI31X1AD U56 ( .A0(dat_out[1]), .A1(dat_out[0]), .A2(enable), .B0(n43), .Y(
        n42) );
  NAND2X1AD U57 ( .A(reset), .B(n44), .Y(N90) );
  OAI2BB1X1AD U58 ( .A0N(n45), .A1N(dat_out[3]), .B0(reset), .Y(N88) );
  NAND2X1AD U59 ( .A(reset), .B(n46), .Y(N86) );
  NOR2X1AD U60 ( .A(n47), .B(n43), .Y(N84) );
  XOR2X1AD U61 ( .A(n48), .B(dat_out[15]), .Y(n47) );
  NAND2BX1AD U62 ( .AN(n49), .B(dat_out[14]), .Y(n48) );
  NOR2X1AD U63 ( .A(n50), .B(n43), .Y(N83) );
  XOR2X1AD U64 ( .A(n49), .B(dat_out[14]), .Y(n50) );
  NAND3X1AD U65 ( .A(dat_out[12]), .B(n51), .C(dat_out[13]), .Y(n49) );
  NOR2X1AD U66 ( .A(n52), .B(n43), .Y(N82) );
  XOR2X1AD U67 ( .A(n53), .B(dat_out[13]), .Y(n52) );
  NAND2X1AD U68 ( .A(dat_out[12]), .B(n51), .Y(n53) );
  NOR2X1AD U69 ( .A(n54), .B(n43), .Y(N81) );
  XNOR2X1AD U70 ( .A(dat_out[12]), .B(n51), .Y(n54) );
  NOR2BX1AD U71 ( .AN(dat_out[11]), .B(n55), .Y(n51) );
  NOR2X1AD U72 ( .A(n56), .B(n43), .Y(N80) );
  XOR2X1AD U73 ( .A(n55), .B(dat_out[11]), .Y(n56) );
  NAND2X1AD U74 ( .A(dat_out[10]), .B(n57), .Y(n55) );
  NOR2X1AD U75 ( .A(n58), .B(n43), .Y(N79) );
  XNOR2X1AD U76 ( .A(dat_out[10]), .B(n57), .Y(n58) );
  NOR3BX1AD U77 ( .AN(dat_out[9]), .B(n59), .C(n60), .Y(n57) );
  NOR2X1AD U78 ( .A(n61), .B(n43), .Y(N78) );
  XNOR2X1AD U79 ( .A(dat_out[9]), .B(n62), .Y(n61) );
  NOR2X1AD U80 ( .A(n60), .B(n59), .Y(n62) );
  NOR2X1AD U81 ( .A(n63), .B(n43), .Y(N77) );
  XNOR2X1AD U82 ( .A(n60), .B(n59), .Y(n63) );
  INVX1AD U83 ( .A(dat_out[8]), .Y(n59) );
  NAND2X1AD U84 ( .A(dat_out[7]), .B(n64), .Y(n60) );
  NOR2X1AD U85 ( .A(n65), .B(n43), .Y(N76) );
  XNOR2X1AD U86 ( .A(dat_out[7]), .B(n64), .Y(n65) );
  AND2X1AD U87 ( .A(dat_out[6]), .B(n66), .Y(n64) );
  NOR2X1AD U88 ( .A(n67), .B(n43), .Y(N75) );
  XNOR2X1AD U89 ( .A(n66), .B(dat_out[6]), .Y(n67) );
  NOR2BX1AD U90 ( .AN(dat_out[5]), .B(n46), .Y(n66) );
  NAND3X1AD U91 ( .A(dat_out[3]), .B(n45), .C(dat_out[4]), .Y(n46) );
  INVX1AD U92 ( .A(n44), .Y(n45) );
  NAND4X1AD U93 ( .A(dat_out[2]), .B(dat_out[1]), .C(enable), .D(dat_out[0]), 
        .Y(n44) );
  NOR2X1AD U94 ( .A(dat_out[5]), .B(n43), .Y(N74) );
  NOR2X1AD U95 ( .A(dat_out[4]), .B(n43), .Y(N73) );
  NOR2X1AD U96 ( .A(dat_out[3]), .B(n43), .Y(N72) );
  NOR2X1AD U97 ( .A(dat_out[2]), .B(n43), .Y(N71) );
  NOR2X1AD U98 ( .A(dat_out[1]), .B(n43), .Y(N70) );
  NOR2X1AD U99 ( .A(dat_out[0]), .B(n43), .Y(N69) );
  INVX1AD U100 ( .A(reset), .Y(n43) );

error.txt View - The errors i am getting (5.4 KB) Utkarsh Khanna, 06/10/2019 06:35 AM


#1 Updated by Utkarsh Khanna 8 months ago

This code i am using.

 use Verilog::Netlist;
 use Verilog::Getopt;
    my $opt = new Verilog::Getopt;
    $opt->parameter( "+incdir+verilog","-y","verilog" );

    my $nl = new Verilog::Netlist(options => $opt,);
    foreach my $file ('testnetlist.v') {

    #$nl->lint(); =

    foreach my $mod ($nl->top_modules_sorted) {
        show_hier($mod, "  ", "", "");

    sub show_hier {
        my $mod = shift;
        my $indent = shift;
        my $hier = shift;
        my $cellname = shift;
        if (!$cellname) {$hier = $mod->name;} 
        else {$hier .= ".$cellname";} #append the cellname
        printf("%-45s %s\n", $indent."Module ".$mod->name,$hier);
        foreach my $sig ($mod->ports_sorted) {
            printf($indent."      %sput %s\n", $sig->direction, $sig->name);
        foreach my $cell ($mod->cells_sorted) {
            printf($indent. "    Cell %s\n", $cell->name);
            foreach my $pin ($cell->pins_sorted) {
                printf($indent."     .%s(%s)\n", $pin->name, $pin->netname);
            show_hier($cell->submod, $indent."   ", $hier, $cell->name) if $cell->submod;

#2 Updated by Utkarsh Khanna 8 months ago

#3 Updated by Wilson Snyder 8 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)
  • Status changed from New to NoFixNeeded
  • Priority changed from Urgent to Normal

If you want information about submodules you need to read_file them, or use module resolution (e.g. $Opt->parameter("") then have a NOR2X1AD.v file in your directory).

#4 Updated by Utkarsh Khanna 8 months ago

Like these are available in the standard verilog libraries, Can't I import them? or Do I have to make this kind of .v file for all the terms?

#5 Updated by Wilson Snyder 8 months ago

As I indicated above you can pass the library filename into read_file. I would use a method similar to however you do it with your simulator.

I suggest you do a day of self-experimentation and learning about the package, and if you still have problems repost.

#6 Updated by Utkarsh Khanna 8 months ago

ok sir , I will explore this package , I am exploring the Netlist folder quite a while , do i have to explore other than this? and also where have you stored the Regex file , I want to hava look at it.Please sir help me with this.

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