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Issue #1493

Add XSim support to

Added by Todd Strader 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Related to bug1490:

This is particularly useful to me because, while the free-ish version of ModelSim is my go-to simulator for personal machine hacking it requires that you build DPI objects with an ancient compiler and cross compile them as 32-bit objects. XSim also has a free-ish version but doesn't suffer from these DPI issues.

Given what's currently in the branch I was able to get:
TESTS DONE, FAILED: Passed 495  Failed 308  Failed-First 0  Skipped 1  Unsup 1  Time 208:19

I'm not actually sure what the time was because two tests got stuck. And I'm frankly surprised it did this well with so little work.

I've never run against a simulator other than Verilator, so I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. Does this indicate that only three tests need to be skipped for VCS to run cleanly?
$ grep "vcs.*unsupported" t/t*.pl
t/$Self->{vcs} and unsupported("Commercially unsupported, interface crossrefs");
t/!$Self->{vcs} or unsupported("VCS does ** wrong, fixed in 2014");
t/$Self->{vcs} and unsupported("VCS unsupported");

Do all the other simulators run cleanly if you just run --other_guy? Or rather, what kind of state would I need to get this in before pushing?

Are the command line arguments in defined in some standard? I searched the LRM for "librescan" but couldn't find it. Is there a separate spec for these things? Or is this just an EDA gentlemen's agreement? Either way, I had to make for this to work. Also, +define is --define in XSim for whatever reason.


#1 Updated by Wilson Snyder 3 months ago

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These changes seem fine, you can squash and merge them as you feel appropriate.

When debugging a single test I sometimes add the skips so I remember that it fails on another simulator. I have not made an effort to get the whole regression passing/skipping on any simulator other than verilator. If you want to look into cleaning them up, that's great.

The "defacto" standard for flags is a subset of what Verilog-XL defined, and basically a gentlemen's agreement. If you google "Verilog-XL manual" you'll find something.

#2 Updated by Todd Strader 3 months ago

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Great, thanks for the info. This is squashed and pushed now.

#3 Updated by Wilson Snyder 3 months ago

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In 4.018.

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