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Issue #1500

Verilog::Netlist::PinSelection->msb doesn't return anything.

Added by Shareef Jalloq 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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I'm trying to process a netlist to pull out port and net names for cells and am having some trouble. If I try to get a PinSelection object, I can query the name but the lsb/msb accessors don't return anything.

So in the following example...

foreach my $pin (@{$pins}) {
        my $portname = $pin->portname;
        my @pins     = $pin->pinselects;
        my $netname  = join(' ', map { $_->netname } @pins);
        my $msb      = join(' ', map { $_->msb } @pins);
        print "Pin msb is $msb\n";
        print "Pin name $portname is connected to net $netname\n";


I'm getting the output...

Pin msb is 
Pin name I is connected to net IMSK
Pin msb is 
Pin name ZN is connected to net IMSKB

where both nets are defined as...

    wire [7:0] INTR;
    wire [7:0] IMSKB;

There also seems to be a useful accessor in Verilog::Netlist::Pin->nets but I can't work out how to use this. If I print the bare object I'm told it's a hash rather than an array which the docs say it is.

Admittedly this is the first time I've used Perl in 10 years so I'm a little rusty.



#1 Updated by Wilson Snyder 5 months ago

  • Status changed from New to NoFixNeeded

Pin msb/lsbs are for when you have e.g. ".pin(connects_to[3:0])". To get the range of a declaration (e.g. "wire [7:0]") you need to go to the net object then look at the type, e.g.

for my $net ($pin->nets) {
    print $net->msb,":",$net->lsb;

#2 Updated by Shareef Jalloq 5 months ago

OK, thanks. I tried using Verilog::Netlist::Pin->nets but I just get an unblessed reference error. What am I doing wrong?

I store an array reference in a hash and then iterate over the pins. I can call Pin->portname, Pin->pinselects, but calling Pin->nets fails.

foreach my $key (keys %cells) {
    my $inst = $cells{$key}{_instance};
    my $mod  = $cells{$key}{_module};
    my $rng  = $cells{$key}{_range};
    my $pins = $cells{$key}{_pins}; # array ref

    print "Pins:\n";
    foreach my $pin (@{$pins}) {
        my $portname = $pin->portname;
        print "Portname=", $portname, "\n";
        for my $net ($pin->nets) {
        print "MSB=", $net->msb, "\n";


Can't call method "msb" on unblessed reference at ./ line 47 (#1)
    (F) A method call must know in what package it's supposed to run.  It
    ordinarily finds this out from the object reference you supply, but you
    didn't supply an object reference in this case.  A reference isn't an
    object reference until it has been blessed.  See perlobj.

for the following cell instance:

   input [7:0] IMSK;

    ANTENNABWP30P140 I7[7:0] (

So it seems to not cope with the 8-bit concatenation and then fails completely for the input IMSK.

#3 Updated by Wilson Snyder 5 months ago

Try an "if $pin->nets", as there might be nothing to iterate on.

#4 Updated by Shareef Jalloq 5 months ago

Here's a test case for you.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use diagnostics;
use Verilog::Netlist;

# Prepare netlist
my $nl = new Verilog::Netlist();
foreach my $file ('test.v') {

# Read in any sub-modules

foreach my $mod ($nl->top_modules_sorted) {
    foreach my $cell ($mod->cells_sorted) {
    if ($cell->range) {
        foreach my $pin ($cell->pins) {
        if ($pin->nets) {
            foreach my $net ($pin->nets) {
            print $net->name;
module sub  (A,B,C);

   input wire A;
   input wire B;
   output wire C;

   assign C = A | B;

endmodule // sub

module test (A,B,C);

   input wire [3:0] A;
   input wire [3:0] B;
   output wire [3:0] C;

   sub inst[3:0] (.A (A), .B(B), .C(C));

endmodule // test

#5 Updated by Wilson Snyder 5 months ago

Sorry, when the PinSelect stuff got introduced the net function changed in a way it shouldn't have, and so the documentation was also wrong.

Here's what's implemented now:

=item $self->nets
Array of hashes the pin connects to.  Each hash contains a msb, lsb, and
net (a Verilog::Netlist::Net).  Only valid after a link.

So do this

foreach my $pin ($cell->pins) {
    foreach my $nethash ($pin->nets_sorted) {
        print $nethash->{net}->name;

#6 Updated by Shareef Jalloq 5 months ago

Thanks a lot. Working now.

Edit: Actually, in my case when I have concatenated nets such as

 .pin ({sig,sig}),

what am I supposed to use to get that net? Verilog::Netlist::Pin->nets doesn't return anything for these. Verilog::Netlist::Pin->pinselects returns a PinSelection but from the documentation it doesn't seem like this is the right useage.

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