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Issue #419

s4 update fails to remove a view when it is removed from viewspec

Added by Brad Dobbie about 9 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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JoeD noticed this bug. In his case, he was trying to remove one viewed area while adding two others. After he updated, the "removed" area remained.

Here is a simple testcase. I tried something more general, but I couldn't reproduce. I think the names I used are triggering the bug.

Given an initial viewspec:
view    ^/void                       project
view    ^/dvtools/trunk              dvtools
##view  ^/dvtools/branches/spoc      dvtools-spoc
##view  ^/dvtools/branches/ovmtools  dvtools-ovmtools
The initial update gives the correct configuration:
$ s4 update
$ ls -l
total 12
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bdobbie caveo   98 Nov  8 13:17 Project.viewspec
drwxrwxr-x 5 bdobbie caveo 4096 Nov  8 13:17 dvtools
drwxrwxr-x 3 bdobbie caveo 4096 Nov  8 13:17 project
The viewspec is then changed to:
view    ^/void                       project
##view  ^/dvtools/trunk              dvtools
view    ^/dvtools/branches/spoc      dvtools-spoc
view    ^/dvtools/branches/ovmtools  dvtools-ovmtools
As you can see, the original "dvtools" directory is left behind:
$ s4 update
$ ls -l
total 20
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bdobbie caveo  146 Nov  8 13:18 Project.viewspec
drwxrwxr-x 5 bdobbie caveo 4096 Nov  8 13:17 dvtools
drwxrwxr-x 5 bdobbie caveo 4096 Nov  8 13:18 dvtools-ovmtools
drwxrwxr-x 5 bdobbie caveo 4096 Nov  8 13:18 dvtools-spoc
drwxrwxr-x 3 bdobbie caveo 4096 Nov  8 13:17 project
Here is an interesting portion of debug output for the second update command:
{s4-15987 13:37:28.023818 -perl/SVN/S4:0305}  Requiring file /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/.svn/s4_state
{s4-15987 13:37:28.025084 /S4/ViewSpec:0063}  s4: Compare hash 'b7089e46b1aa5d6b0083aa58a78e67dc' against old 'fa78783dff88e507c57d75c9b60dcb06'
{s4-15987 13:37:28.025126 /S4/ViewSpec:0340}  revision is 94286

{s4-15987 13:37:28.025184 /S4/ViewSpec:0349}  Action: cmd=switch dir=dvtools-ovmtools fileline=/nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/Project.viewspec:5 
                                                      rev=94286 url=svn+ssh://masvn/svn/dvtools/branches/ovmtools 
{s4-15987 13:37:28.212546 /S4/ViewSpec:0362}  s4: Creating empty directory to switch into: dvtools-ovmtools
{s4-15987 13:37:28.212608 /S4/ViewSpec:0511}  s4: does 'dvtools-ovmtools' exist in /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test? if not, make it
{s4-15987 13:37:28.212848 /S4/ViewSpec:0533}  s4: create_switchpoint dvtools-ovmtools from basedir /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test
{s4-15987 13:37:28.499492 -perl/SVN/S4:0239}  + 'svn_orig switch --quiet svn+ssh://masvn/svn/void /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools-ovmtools'
{s4-15987 13:37:29.218287 /S4/ViewSpec:0382}  s4: uuid_from_url svn+ssh://masvn/svn/dvtools/branches/ovmtools
s4: Switching dvtools-ovmtools to ^/dvtools/branches/ovmtools rev 94286
{s4-15987 13:37:29.402656 -perl/SVN/S4:0239}  + 'svn_orig switch svn+ssh://masvn/svn/dvtools/branches/ovmtools /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools-ovmtools -r94286'
Updated to revision 94286.

{s4-15987 13:37:33.077531 /S4/ViewSpec:0349}  Action: cmd=switch dir=dvtools-spoc fileline=/nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/Project.viewspec:4
                                                      rev=94286 url=svn+ssh://masvn/svn/dvtools/branches/spoc 
{s4-15987 13:37:33.077804 /S4/ViewSpec:0362}  s4: Creating empty directory to switch into: dvtools-spoc
{s4-15987 13:37:33.077883 /S4/ViewSpec:0511}  s4: does 'dvtools-spoc' exist in /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test? if not, make it
{s4-15987 13:37:33.077933 /S4/ViewSpec:0533}  s4: create_switchpoint dvtools-spoc from basedir /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test
{s4-15987 13:37:33.081821 -perl/SVN/S4:0239}  + 'svn_orig switch --quiet svn+ssh://masvn/svn/void /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools-spoc'
{s4-15987 13:37:34.231612 /S4/ViewSpec:0382}  s4: uuid_from_url svn+ssh://masvn/svn/dvtools/branches/spoc
s4: Switching dvtools-spoc to ^/dvtools/branches/spoc rev 94286
{s4-15987 13:37:34.418667 -perl/SVN/S4:0239}  + 'svn_orig switch svn+ssh://masvn/svn/dvtools/branches/spoc /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools-spoc -r94286'
Updated to revision 94286.

{s4-15987 13:37:36.071376 /S4/ViewSpec:0349}  Action: cmd=switch dir=project fileline=/nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/Project.viewspec:1
                                                      rev=94286 url=svn+ssh://masvn/svn/void 
s4: Updating project
{s4-15987 13:37:36.072935 -perl/SVN/S4:0239}  + 'svn_orig update /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/project -r94286'
At revision 94286.

{s4-15987 13:37:37.021229 /S4/ViewSpec:0430}  s4: prevlist: /export/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools dvtools project
{s4-15987 13:37:37.021318 /S4/ViewSpec:0431}  s4: thislist: /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools-ovmtools
                                                            dvtools-ovmtools dvtools-spoc project
s4: Remove unused switchpoint /export/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools
{s4-15987 13:37:37.021763 /S4/ViewSpec:0465}  Switchpoint /nfs/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test//export/dv12/bdobbie/s4-test/dvtools
                                              has already been removed.
{s4-15987 13:37:37.021837 /S4/ViewSpec:0441}  s4: Remember that we manage dvtools
Perhaps the most interesting line is the last one. Searching for that in the s4 source yields:
  4768      DEBUG "s4: prevlist: ", join(' ',@prevlist), "\n" if $self->debug;
  4769      DEBUG "s4: thislist: ", join(' ',@thislist), "\n" if $self->debug;
  4770      foreach my $dir (@prevlist) {
  4771          # I'm only interested in directories that were in @prevlist but
  4772          # are not in @thislist.  If dir is in both lists, quit.
  4773          next if grep(/^$dir$/, @thislist);
  4774          if (grep(/^$dir/, @thislist)) {
  4775              # There is another mountpoint in @thislist that starts
  4776              # with $dir, in other words there is a mountpoint underneath
  4777              # this one.  We can't remove the dir, but leave it in the
  4778              # state file, so we can remove it when we have the chance.
  4779              DEBUG "s4: Remember that we manage $dir\n" if $self->debug;
  4780              push @{$self->{viewspec_managed_switches}}, $dir;
  4781              next;
  4782          }
  4783          print "s4: Remove unused switchpoint $dir\n";
  4784          $self->_remove_switchpoint (dir=>$dir, basepath=>$params{basepath});
  4785      }

On line 4477, I think "/^$dir/" is matching the other dvtools-* areas. Perhaps the regexp may need to be enhanced.


#1 Updated by Brad Dobbie about 9 years ago

In fact, changing dvtools-* to *-dvtools does not trigger the bug. I think my suspicions about the code snippet above are valid.

view    ^/dvtools/branches/spoc      spoc-dvtools
view    ^/dvtools/branches/ovmtools  ovmtools-dvtools

#2 Updated by Wilson Snyder about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Confirmed

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