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# Project Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1345 Verilator Closed Normal String conditional operation gives compile error Wilson Snyder 09/16/2018 09:28 PM
1338 Verilator Closed Normal --trace of SystemVerlog string gives compile error Wilson Snyder 09/16/2018 09:28 PM
1331 Verilator Closed Normal documentation SystemC example Iztok Jeras 08/23/2018 08:40 AM
1023 Verilator NoFixNeeded Normal UVM SystemC 05/07/2016 12:08 PM
882 Verilator Closed Normal sign extension is not working properly when signed value is assigned to unsigned structure element Wilson Snyder 02/13/2015 01:41 AM
878 Verilator Closed Normal please add ModelSim to reference simulators in regression tests Iztok Jeras 02/13/2015 01:42 AM
877 Verilator WillNotFix Normal VCD file is not flushed if stdout is piped into 'less' 02/03/2015 08:03 PM
876 Verilator NotEnoughInfo Normal failure to create header files depending on how parameters are constructed 09/19/2015 01:01 AM
867 Verilator Closed Normal regression in handling union/struct/array hierarchy Wilson Snyder 02/13/2015 01:40 AM
865 Verilator Closed Normal casting to a constant size Wilson Snyder 02/13/2015 01:40 AM
864 Verilator Closed Normal always_latch and non-blocking assignment Wilson Snyder 02/13/2015 01:40 AM
821 Verilator Feature Normal Support RHS of ==? or !=? as a indexed element into parameter array 06/29/2019 11:17 AM
820 Verilator Closed Normal format with very deep conditional tree causes internal error Wilson Snyder 09/21/2014 01:11 PM
818 Verilator Closed Normal CLANG compiler warnings Wilson Snyder 09/21/2014 01:11 PM
810 Verilator Closed Normal ommiting parameter keyword Wilson Snyder 09/21/2014 01:11 PM
484 Verilator NoFixNeeded Normal issues handling unsized literals with x/z extending 11/03/2012 12:05 PM
481 Verilator Duplicate Normal Support for SystemVerilog "interface" 04/08/2012 10:15 PM
480 Verilator Closed Normal Support for SystemVerilog "parameter type" 03/15/2016 01:53 AM
460 Verilator Closed Normal Support enumeration type methods 12/20/2014 09:54 PM
450 Verilator Closed Normal Support for checking endmodule identintifiers Wilson Snyder 03/08/2012 04:07 AM
448 Verilator Closed Low Support array querying system functions Wilson Snyder 01/20/2013 05:20 PM
446 Verilator Closed Normal Support for reading/assigning to packed arrays Wilson Snyder 01/15/2013 04:32 AM
434 Verilator Closed Normal Small typo Wilson Snyder 01/29/2012 11:27 PM
326 Verilator Closed Normal vectored fufif1 primitive Wilson Snyder 04/06/2011 11:40 AM
216 Verilator Closed Low "make uninstall" not working properly Wilson Snyder 03/17/2010 12:16 PM

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