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Verilator: Verilator 4.034 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 12 months ago

Verilator 4.034 2020-05-03

  • Add simplistic class support with many restrictions, see manual, #377.
  • Support IEEE time units and time precisions, #234. Includes `timescale, $printtimescale, $timeformat. VL_TIME_MULTIPLIER, VL_TIME_PRECISION, VL_TIME_UNIT have been removed and the time precision must now match the SystemC time precision. To get closer behavior to older versions, use e.g. --timescale-override "1ps/1ps".
  • Add --build to call make automatically, #2249. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]
  • Configuring with ccache present now defaults to using it; see OBJCACHE.
  • Fix DPI import/export to be standard compliant, #2236. [Geza Lore]
  • Add --trace-threads for general multithreaded tracing, #2269. [Geza Lore]
  • Add --flatten for use with --xml-only, #2270. [James Hanlon]
  • Greatly improve FST/VCD dump performance, #2244, #2246, #2250, #2257. [Geza Lore]
  • Support $ferror, and $fflush without arguments, #1638.
  • Support event data type (with some restrictions).
  • Support $root, #2150. [Keyi Zhang]
  • Add error if use SystemC 2.2 and earlier (pre-2011) as is deprecated.
  • Fix build of fast path tracing code to use OPT_FAST, #2245. [Geza Lore]
  • Fix arrayed instances connecting to slices, #2263. [Don/engr248]
  • Fix error on unpacked connecting to packed, #2288. [Joseph Shaker]
  • Fix logical not optimization with empty begin, #2291. [Baltazar Ortiz]
  • Fix reduction OR on wide data, broke in v4.026, #2300. [Jack Koenig]
  • Fix clock enables with bit-extends, #2299. [Marco Widmer]
  • Fix MacOs Homebrew by removing default LIBS, #2298. [Ryan Clarke]

Verilator: Verilator 4.032 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 1 year ago

Verilator 4.032 2020-04-04

  • Add column numbers to errors and warnings.
  • Add GCC 9-style line number prefix when showing source text for errors.
  • Add setting VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS=1 when using --output-split, #2185.
  • Change --quiet-exit to also suppress 'Exiting due to N errors'.
  • Suppress REALCVT for whole real numbers.
  • Support split_var in vlt files, #2219. [Marco Widmer]
  • Fix parameter type redeclaring a type, #2195. [hdzhangdoc]
  • Fix VCD open with empty filename, #2198. [Julius Baxter]
  • Fix packages as enum base types, #2202. [Driss Hafdi]
  • Fix duplicate typedefs in generate for, #2205. [hdzhangdoc]
  • Fix MinW portability, #2114. [Sean Cross]
  • Fix assertions with unique case inside, #2199. [hdzhangdoc]
  • Fix implicit conversion of floats to wide integers.

Verilator: Verilator 4.030 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 1 year ago

Verilator 4.030 2020-03-08

  • Add split_var metacomment to assist UNOPTFLAT fixes, #2066. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]
  • Add support for $dumpfile and $dumpvars, #2126. [Alexander Grobman]
  • Add support for dynamic arrays, #379.
  • Add +verilator+noassert flag to disable assertion checking. [Tobias W\303\266lfel]
  • Add check for assertOn for asserts, #2162. [Tobias W\303\266lfel]
  • Add --structs-packed for forward compatibility.
  • Fix genblk naming with directly nested generate blocks, #2176. [Alexander Grobman]
  • Implement $displayb/o/h, $writeb/o/h, etc, #1637.
  • Use gcc -Os in examples instead of -O2 for better average performance.
  • Fix undeclared VL_SHIFTR_WWQ, #2114. [Alex Solomatnikov]

Verilator: Verilator 4.028 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 1 year ago

Verilator 4.028 2020-02-08

  • Support attributes (public, isolate_assignments, etc.) in configuration files.
  • Add -match to lint_off to waive warnings. [Philipp Wagner]
  • Link Verilator binary partially statically, #2146. [Geza Lore]
  • Verilation speed improvements, #2133, #2138. [Geza Lore]
  • Support libgoogle-perftools-dev's libtcmalloc if available, #2137. [Geza Lore]
  • Support $readmem/$writemem with assoc arrarys, #2100. [agrobman]
  • Support type(expression) operator and $typename, #1650.
  • Support left justified $display, #2101. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Support string character access via indexing.
  • Support with constant k > 1, #2125. [Tobias Rosenkranz]
  • Support parameter access from arrays of interfaces, #2155. [Todd Strader]
  • Add parameter values in XML. #2110. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Add loc column location in XML (replaces fl), #2122. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Add error on misused define. [Topa Tota]
  • Add parameter to set maximum signal width, #2082. [\303\230yvind Harboe]
  • Add warning on genvar in normal for loop, #2143. [yurivict]
  • Fix VPI scope naming for public modules. [Nandu Raj]
  • Fix FST tracing of enums inside structs. [fsiegle]
  • Fix WIDTH warning on
  • Fix OpenSolaris issues, #2154. [brancoliticus]

Verilator: Verilator 4.026 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.026 2020-01-11

  • Docker images are now available for Verilator releases.
  • Support bounded queues.
  • Support implication operator "|->" in assertions, #2069. [Peter Monsson]
  • Support string compare, ato*, etc methods, #1606. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]
  • Support immediate cover statements.
  • Ignore `uselib to end-of-line, #1634. [Frederic Antonin]
  • Update FST trace API for better performance.
  • Add vpiTimeUnit and allow to specify time as string, #1636. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Add error when `resetall inside module (IEEE 2017-22.3).
  • Add cleaner error on version control conflicts in sources.
  • Fix little endian cell ranges, #1631. [Julien Margetts]
  • Fix queue issues, #1641, #1643. [Peter Monsson, Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Fix strcasecmp for windows, #1651. [Kuba Ober]
  • Fix disable iff in assertions. Closes #1404. [Peter Monsson]
  • Fix huge case statement performance. Closes #1644. [Julien Margetts]
  • Fix tracing -1 index arrays. Closes #2090. [Yutetsu Takatsukasa]
  • Fix expand optimization slowing --lint-only. Closes #2091. [Thomas Watts]
  • Fix %{number}s with strings. #2093. [agrobman]
  • Fix shebang breaking some shells. Closes #2067. [zdave]

Verilator: Verilator 4.024 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.024 2019-12-08

  • Support associative arrays (excluding [*] and pattern assignments), bug544.
  • Support queues (excluding {} notation and pattern assignments), bug545.
  • Add +verilator+error+limit to see more assertion errors. [Peter Monsson]
  • Support string.toupper and string.tolower.
  • Support $rewind and $ungetc.
  • Support shortreal as real, with a SHORTREAL warning.
  • Add -Wpedantic and -Wno-context for compliance testing.
  • Add error on redefining preprocessor directives. [Piotr Binkowski]
  • Support $value$plusargs float and shorts, bug1592, bug1619. [Garrett Smith]
  • Fix gate lvalue optimization error, bug831. [Jonathon Donaldson, Driss Hafdi]
  • Fix color assertion on empty if, bug1604. [Andrew Holme]
  • Fix for loop missing initializer, bug1605. [Andrew Holme]
  • Fix hang on concat error, bug1608. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]
  • Fix VPI timed callbacks to be one-shot, pull5. [Matthew Ballance]
  • Fix // in filenames, bug1610. [Peter Nelson]
  • Fix $display("%p") to be closer to IEEE.
  • Fix labels on functions with returns, bug1614. [Mitch Hayenga]
  • Fix false unused message on __Vemumtab, msg3180. [Tobias Rosenkranz]
  • Fix assertion on dotted parameter arrayed function, bug1620. [Rich Porter]
  • Fix interface reference tracing, bug1595. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix error on unpacked concatenations, bug1627. [Driss Hafdi]

Verilator: Verilator 4.022 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.022 2019-11-10

  • Add --protect-lib, bug1490. [Todd Strader]
  • Add cmake support, bug1363. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Examples have been renamed.
  • Add --protect-ids to obscure information in objects, bug1521. [Todd Strader]
  • Add --trace-coverage.
  • Add --xml-output.
  • Support multithreading on Windows. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Suppress 'command failed' on normal errors.
  • Support some unpacked arrays in parameters, bug1315. [Marshal Qiao]
  • Add interface port visibility in traces, bug1594. [Todd Strader]
  • Increase case duplicate/incomplete to 16 bit tables, bug1545. [Yossi Nivin]
  • Support quoted arguments in -f files, bug1535. [Yves Mathieu]
  • Optimize modulus by power-of-two constants, and masked conditionals.
  • Fix detecting missing reg types, bug1570. [Jacko Dirks]
  • Fix multithreaded yield behavior when no work. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Fix false CMPCONST/UNSIGNED warnings on "inside", bug1581. [Mitch Hayenga]

Verilator: Verilator 4.020 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.020 2019-10-06

  • Support $fseek, $ftell, $frewind, bug1496. [Howard Su]
  • Add --public-flat-rw, bug1511. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Support vpiModule, bug1469. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Make Syms file honor --output-split-cfuncs, bug1499. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix make test with no VERILATOR_ROOT, bug1494. [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]
  • Fix error on multidimensional cells, bug1505. [Anderson Ignacio Da Silva]
  • Fix config_rev revision detection on old versions.
  • Fix false warning on backward indexing, bug1507. [Hao Shi]
  • Fix ugly error on interface misuse, bug1525. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]
  • Fix misc bad-syntax crashes, bug1529-bug1533. [Eric Rippey]
  • Fix case statements with strings, bug1536. [Philipp Wagner]

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