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Verilator 4.018 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.018 2019-08-29

  • When showing an error, show source code and offer suggestions of replacements.
  • When showing an error, show the instance location, bug1305. [Todd Strader]
  • Add --rr, bug1481. [Todd Strader]
  • Change MULTITOP to warning to help linting, see manual.
  • Add XSim support to, bug1493. [Todd Strader]
  • Show included-from filenames in warnings, bug1439. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix elaboration time errors, bug1429. [Udi Finkelstein]
  • Fix not reporting some duplicate signals/ports, bug1462. [Peter Gerst]
  • Fix not in array context on non-power-of-two slices, msg2946. [Yu Sheng Lin]
  • Fix system compile flags injection. [Gianfranco Costamagna]
  • Fix enum values not being sized based on parent, bug1442. [Dan Petrisko]
  • Fix internal error on gate optimization of assign, bug1475. [Oyvind Harboe]
  • Add --dpi-hdr-only, bug1491. [Todd Strader]