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Verilator 4.024 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.024 2019-12-08

  • Support associative arrays (excluding [*] and pattern assignments), bug544.
  • Support queues (excluding {} notation and pattern assignments), bug545.
  • Add +verilator+error+limit to see more assertion errors. [Peter Monsson]
  • Support string.toupper and string.tolower.
  • Support $rewind and $ungetc.
  • Support shortreal as real, with a SHORTREAL warning.
  • Add -Wpedantic and -Wno-context for compliance testing.
  • Add error on redefining preprocessor directives. [Piotr Binkowski]
  • Support $value$plusargs float and shorts, bug1592, bug1619. [Garrett Smith]
  • Fix gate lvalue optimization error, bug831. [Jonathon Donaldson, Driss Hafdi]
  • Fix color assertion on empty if, bug1604. [Andrew Holme]
  • Fix for loop missing initializer, bug1605. [Andrew Holme]
  • Fix hang on concat error, bug1608. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]
  • Fix VPI timed callbacks to be one-shot, pull5. [Matthew Ballance]
  • Fix // in filenames, bug1610. [Peter Nelson]
  • Fix $display("%p") to be closer to IEEE.
  • Fix labels on functions with returns, bug1614. [Mitch Hayenga]
  • Fix false unused message on __Vemumtab, msg3180. [Tobias Rosenkranz]
  • Fix assertion on dotted parameter arrayed function, bug1620. [Rich Porter]
  • Fix interface reference tracing, bug1595. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix error on unpacked concatenations, bug1627. [Driss Hafdi]