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Verilator 4.026 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 1 year ago

Verilator 4.026 2020-01-11

  • Docker images are now available for Verilator releases.
  • Support bounded queues.
  • Support implication operator "|->" in assertions, #2069. [Peter Monsson]
  • Support string compare, ato*, etc methods, #1606. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]
  • Support immediate cover statements.
  • Ignore `uselib to end-of-line, #1634. [Frederic Antonin]
  • Update FST trace API for better performance.
  • Add vpiTimeUnit and allow to specify time as string, #1636. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Add error when `resetall inside module (IEEE 2017-22.3).
  • Add cleaner error on version control conflicts in sources.
  • Fix little endian cell ranges, #1631. [Julien Margetts]
  • Fix queue issues, #1641, #1643. [Peter Monsson, Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Fix strcasecmp for windows, #1651. [Kuba Ober]
  • Fix disable iff in assertions. Closes #1404. [Peter Monsson]
  • Fix huge case statement performance. Closes #1644. [Julien Margetts]
  • Fix tracing -1 index arrays. Closes #2090. [Yutetsu Takatsukasa]
  • Fix expand optimization slowing --lint-only. Closes #2091. [Thomas Watts]
  • Fix %{number}s with strings. #2093. [agrobman]
  • Fix shebang breaking some shells. Closes #2067. [zdave]