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Verilator 4.028 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 1 year ago

Verilator 4.028 2020-02-08

  • Support attributes (public, isolate_assignments, etc.) in configuration files.
  • Add -match to lint_off to waive warnings. [Philipp Wagner]
  • Link Verilator binary partially statically, #2146. [Geza Lore]
  • Verilation speed improvements, #2133, #2138. [Geza Lore]
  • Support libgoogle-perftools-dev's libtcmalloc if available, #2137. [Geza Lore]
  • Support $readmem/$writemem with assoc arrarys, #2100. [agrobman]
  • Support type(expression) operator and $typename, #1650.
  • Support left justified $display, #2101. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Support string character access via indexing.
  • Support with constant k > 1, #2125. [Tobias Rosenkranz]
  • Support parameter access from arrays of interfaces, #2155. [Todd Strader]
  • Add parameter values in XML. #2110. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Add loc column location in XML (replaces fl), #2122. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Add error on misused define. [Topa Tota]
  • Add parameter to set maximum signal width, #2082. [\303\230yvind Harboe]
  • Add warning on genvar in normal for loop, #2143. [yurivict]
  • Fix VPI scope naming for public modules. [Nandu Raj]
  • Fix FST tracing of enums inside structs. [fsiegle]
  • Fix WIDTH warning on
  • Fix OpenSolaris issues, #2154. [brancoliticus]