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Verilator 4.034 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 12 months ago

Verilator 4.034 2020-05-03

  • Add simplistic class support with many restrictions, see manual, #377.
  • Support IEEE time units and time precisions, #234. Includes `timescale, $printtimescale, $timeformat. VL_TIME_MULTIPLIER, VL_TIME_PRECISION, VL_TIME_UNIT have been removed and the time precision must now match the SystemC time precision. To get closer behavior to older versions, use e.g. --timescale-override "1ps/1ps".
  • Add --build to call make automatically, #2249. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]
  • Configuring with ccache present now defaults to using it; see OBJCACHE.
  • Fix DPI import/export to be standard compliant, #2236. [Geza Lore]
  • Add --trace-threads for general multithreaded tracing, #2269. [Geza Lore]
  • Add --flatten for use with --xml-only, #2270. [James Hanlon]
  • Greatly improve FST/VCD dump performance, #2244, #2246, #2250, #2257. [Geza Lore]
  • Support $ferror, and $fflush without arguments, #1638.
  • Support event data type (with some restrictions).
  • Support $root, #2150. [Keyi Zhang]
  • Add error if use SystemC 2.2 and earlier (pre-2011) as is deprecated.
  • Fix build of fast path tracing code to use OPT_FAST, #2245. [Geza Lore]
  • Fix arrayed instances connecting to slices, #2263. [Don/engr248]
  • Fix error on unpacked connecting to packed, #2288. [Joseph Shaker]
  • Fix logical not optimization with empty begin, #2291. [Baltazar Ortiz]
  • Fix reduction OR on wide data, broke in v4.026, #2300. [Jack Koenig]
  • Fix clock enables with bit-extends, #2299. [Marco Widmer]
  • Fix MacOs Homebrew by removing default LIBS, #2298. [Ryan Clarke]