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Verilator: Verilator 3.924 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder almost 2 years ago

Verilator 3.924 2018-06-12

  • Renamed --profile-cfuncs to --prof-cfuncs.
  • Report interface ports connected to wrong interface, bug1294. [Todd Strader]
  • When tracing, use scalars on single bit arrays to appease vcddiff.
  • Fix parsing "output signed" in V2K port list, msg2540. [James Jung]
  • Fix parsing error on bad missing #, bug1308. [Dan Kirkham]
  • Fix $clog2 to be in verilog 2005, bug1319. [James Hutchinson]

Verilator: Verilator 3.922 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 2 years ago

Verilator 3.922 2018-03-17

  • Support IEEE 1800-2017 as default language.
  • Support trig functions ($sin() etc), bug1281. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Support calling system functions as tasks, bug1285. [Joel Holdsworth]
  • Support assert properties, bug785, bug1290. [John Coiner, et al]
  • Support $writememh. [John Coiner]
  • Add --no-debug-leak to reduce memory use under debug. [John Coiner]
  • Fix severe runtime performance bug in certain foreach loops. [John Coiner]
  • On convergence errors, show activity. [John Coiner]
  • Fix GCC 8.0 issues, bug1273.
  • Fix pullup/pulldowns on bit selects, bug1274. [Rob Stoddard]
  • Fix verilator_coverage --annotate-min, bug1284. [Tymoteusz Blazejczyk]
  • Fix quoting of quoted arguments. [John Coiner]

Verilog-Perl: Verilog-Perl 3.450 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 2 years ago

Verilog::Language 3.450 2018-03-12

  • Support SystemVerilog 1800-2017.
  • Moving forward, use the git "stable" branch to track the latest release and git "v#.###" tags for specific releases.

Verilator: Verilator 3.920 released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 2 years ago

Verilator 3.920 2018-02-01

  • Moving forward, use the git "stable" branch to track the latest release, and git "v#.###" tags for specific releases.
  • Support 'assume' similar to 'assert', bug1269. [Dan Gisselquist]
  • Fix tracing example file output, bug1268. [Enzo Chi]
  • Fix gate optimization out of memory, add --gate-stmts, bug1260. [Alex Solomatnikov]
  • Fix compile error on public real parameters by suppressing, bug1261. [Alex Solomatnikov]
  • Fix input-only tristate comparisons, bug1267. [Alexis G]
  • Fix missing edge type in xml output, msg2480. [Alexis G]
  • Fix compile error with --public and interface bind, bug1264. [Alexis G]
  • Remove c++filt, bug1265. [Stefan Wallentowitz]

Verilator: Verilator 3.918 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 2 years ago

Verilator 3.918 2018-01-02

  • Workaround GCC/clang bug with huge compile times, bug1248.
  • Support DPI open arrays, bug909, bug1245. [David Pierce, Victor Besyakov]
  • Add INFINITELOOP warning, bug1254. [Alex Solomatnikov]
  • Support > 64 bit decimal $display.
  • Support DPI time and svLogicVal. [Victor Besyakov] Note older version incorrectly assumed svBitVal even for logicals.
  • Support string len() method. [Victor Besyakov]
  • Add error if always_comb has sensitivity list. [Arjen Roodselaar]
  • Fix SystemC 2.3.2 compile error, bug1251. [Tymoteusz Blazejczyk]
  • Fix modport outputs being treated as inputs, bug1246. [Jeff Bush]
  • Fix false ALWCOMBORDER on interface references, bug1247. [Josh Redford]
  • Fix constant propagation across DPI imports of inout strings. [Victor Besyakov]
  • Fix resolving inline nested interface names, bug1250. [Arjen Roodselaar]

Verilator: Verilator 3.916 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 2 years ago

Verilator 3.916 2017-11-25

  • Support self-recursive modules, bug659. [Sean Moore, et al]
  • Support $error/$warning in elaboration time blocks.
  • Support $size/$bits/etc on type references.
  • Add error when driving input-only modport, bug1110. [Trevor Elbourne]
  • Add BSSPACE and COLONPLUS lint warnings.
  • Detect MSB overflow when under VL_DEBUG, bug1238. [Junyi Xi]
  • Add data types to --xml. [Rui Terra]
  • Fix partial slicing with pattern assignments, bug991. [Johan Bjork]
  • Fix false unused warning on interfaces, bug1241. [Laurens van Dam]
  • Fix error on "unique case" with no cases.
  • Fix MacOS portability, bug1232. [Jeff Bush]

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