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Verilator: Verilator 3.906 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 3 years ago

  • Verilator 3.906 2017-06-22
  • Support set_time_unit/set_time_precision in C traces, msg2261.
  • Fix extract of packed array with non-zero LSB, bug1172. [James Pallister]
  • Fix shifts by more than 32-bit numbers, bug1174. [Clifford Wolf]
  • Fix power operator on wide constants, bug761. [Clifford Wolf]
  • Fix .* on interface pins, bug1176. [Maciej Piechotka]

Verilator: Verilator 3.904 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 3 years ago

Verilator 3.904 2017-05-30

  • Fix non-cutable ordering loops on clock arrays, bug1009. [Todd Strader]
  • Support ports of array of reals, bug1154. [J Briquet]
  • Support arrayed parameter overrides, bug1153. [John Stevenson]
  • Support $value$plusargs with variables, bug1165. [Wesley Terpstra]
  • Support modport access to un-modport objects, bug1161. [Todd Strader]
  • Add stack trace when can't optimize function, bug1158. [Todd Strader]
  • Add warning on mis-sized literal, bug1156. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix interface functions returning wrong parameters, bug996. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix non-arrayed cells with interface arrays, bug1153. [John Stevenson]
  • Fix --assert with complex case statements, bug1164. [Enzo Chi]

Verilator: Verilator 3.902 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 3 years ago

Verilator 3.902 2017-04-02

  • Add -FI option to force includes, msg2146. [Amir Gonnen]
  • Add --relative-includes. [Rob Stoddard]
  • Add error on duplicate pattern assignments, bug1145. [Johan Bjork]
  • Fix error on improperly widthed default function, bug984. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix 2009 localparam syntax, msg2139. [Galen Seitz]
  • Fix ugly interface-to-non-interface errors, bug1112. [Johan Bjork]
  • Fix LDFLAGS and CFLAGS not preserving order, bug1130. [Olof Kindgren]
  • Fix internal error on initializing parameter array, bug1131. [Jie Xu]
  • Fix internal error on interface arrays, bug1135. [John Stevenson]
  • Fix calling sformatf to display, and elab $displays, bug1139. [Johan Bjork]
  • Fix realpath compile issue on MSVC++, bug1141. [Miodrag Milanovic]
  • Fix missing error on interface size mismatch, bug1143. [Johan Bjork]
  • Fix error on parameters with dotted references, bug1146. [Johan Bjork]
  • Fix wreal not handling continuous assign, bug1150. [J Briquet]
  • Fix nested structure parameter selects, bug1150. [J Briquet]

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