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Installing CovVise


CovVise is no longer under development nor supported. If you are interested in the past development, we can send you a tarball.


CovVise is a fairly advanced web application that requires backend servers. It requires a LAMP installation (Linux + Apache + MySQL + Perl) including the Perl Catalyst web framework.

For production use at least one dedicated MySQL server is required, with enough memory to cache most the records. For storing approximately 25 ensembles per day of 10,000 tests each with 100,000 coverage bins you'll need around 16GB of memory.

You'll also need one or more memcached servers, with enough total memory to hold the data currently being aggregated. Using the example above you'll need around 8GB.

For source annotations, a version control system web frontend is required. A plugin for Subversion with Viewcvs is included, but it's easy to write others.

Users must have a Javascript enabled browser. Firefox is recommended.