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Schedule::Load 3.061 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 11 years ago

Schedule::Load 3.061 2009/05/08

  • This package is now licensed under LGPL v3 and/or Artistic v2.0.
  • Add slreportd plugins for disk performance and network usage.
  • On schedule requests, chooser only contacts reporters of relevant class.

Schedule::Load 3.060 is Released

Added by Wilson Snyder almost 12 years ago

Schedule::Load 3.060 2008/12/08

  • Quickly service requests when a reporter is responding very slowly.
  • Add to "rschedule status" the most recent slchoosed syslog messages.
  • Add to "rschedule status" the slreporting hostname.
  • Fix rschedule sort warnings when reporter is going up and down.

Schedule::Load 3.052 is Released

Added by Wilson Snyder almost 13 years ago

Schedule::Load 3.052 2007/12/03

  • All rschedule reports now have columns that expand to fit the contents.
  • Include requesting hostname in "rschedule loads".
  • Ignore, rather than exit Chooser, when reporter has bad Storable module$
  • Improve Chooser performance with 100s of hosts under heavy network load$

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