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From 06/17/2009 to 07/16/2009


02:18 PM Issue #102: Support "interface" and "endinterface" keywords
Obviously this is a good chunk of work. I'd urge you to do it in little feature pieces and it won't seem quite so da... Wilson Snyder
02:10 PM Issue #102: Support "interface" and "endinterface" keywords
I have created a test and edited verilog.l and verilog.y by adding to yINTERFACE and yENDINTERFACE. So, I think I jus... Alex Duller
01:47 PM Issue #102 (Closed): Support "interface" and "endinterface" keywords
Add support for SystemVerilog interface and endinterface keywords Alex Duller
01:24 PM Issue #101: Support "logic" keyword
Forgot to reply to your problem - I think Verilog-Perl isn't installed, which is why you got that error. Wilson Snyder
01:22 PM Issue #101 (Resolved): Support "logic" keyword
Great, I pushed this to git. (Use git pull to see it.) The only change was I don't generally comment out old code, ... Wilson Snyder
12:51 PM Issue #101: Support "logic" keyword
Hi, thanks for the instructions. The git diff is attached. When I run 'make test' I get the following error:... Alex Duller
11:34 AM Issue #101: Support "logic" keyword
Thanks for trying to add this!
Here's the rough steps - I'll be pretty detailed since this is your first look at the...
Wilson Snyder
08:19 AM Issue #101 (Closed): Support "logic" keyword
Adding support for SystemVerilog logic reserved word Alex Duller


12:50 PM Verilator 3.712 Released
Verilator 3.712 2009/07/14
** Patching SystemC is no longer required to trace sc_bvs.
*** Support zero-width...
Wilson Snyder


11:55 PM Issue #53 (Closed): Problem with $fopen translation
Problem was resolved; unsupported issue remains to do someday.
Wilson Snyder
11:06 PM Issue #90 (Closed): Cryptic error message
In 3.711.
Wilson Snyder
11:05 PM Issue #99 (Closed): Internal error on case statement with identical cases.
In 3.711. Wilson Snyder
11:03 PM Verilator 3.711 Released
Verilator 3.711 2009/06/23
**** Support decimal constants of arbitrary widths. [Mark Marshall]
**** Fix error o...
Wilson Snyder


10:52 PM Issue #99 (Resolved): Internal error on case statement with identical cases.
One liner; fixed in git for next release. Wilson Snyder
09:41 PM Issue #99 (Closed): Internal error on case statement with identical cases.
... Wilson Snyder

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