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From 05/07/2018 to 06/05/2018


06:11 AM Development: Verilator doesn't support UTF-8 formated verilog files.
verilator doesn't support UTF-8 format.<br>
It makes error as shown below.
%Error: Specified --top-module 'top' w...
HyungKi Jeong
02:20 AM Usage: RE: non-constant ARRAYSEL error
I add a issues 1315. Thanks
Marshal qiao
02:05 AM Usage: RE: error: missed initializing elements
I update the newest version, then this demo pass. thanks Marshal qiao


10:49 AM Usage: RE: error: missed initializing elements
This works fine for me, are you sure you're using the most recent version?
Wilson Snyder
08:20 AM Usage: error: missed initializing elements
hello, i want to test some syntax in my code , and meet some error。
my test code:
module ex28
Marshal qiao
10:40 AM Usage: RE: non-constant ARRAYSEL error
Using an array in a function called from a parameter is not currently supported.
If you'd like to file a feature b...
Wilson Snyder
02:53 AM Usage: non-constant ARRAYSEL error
attach file sv_code.png is my code.
Running verilator on the code gives some errors.
Marshal qiao


12:05 PM Usage: RE: Verilator generated picorv32 coredump
The error means that the testbench called $stop, which probably means something's wrong in the simulation expectation... Wilson Snyder


11:25 PM Usage: Verilator generated picorv32 coredump
This is the command used:... Dragon Ware

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