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From 09/19/2019 to 10/18/2019


11:46 PM Development: RE: Requiring C++11 compiler
Don, thanks for the update. For now you're ok, current thinking is to require C+11 starting somewhere from 6 months ... Wilson Snyder
03:24 PM Development: RE: Requiring C++11 compiler
I'm using Verilator (4.018 currently) on a corporate RHEL 6.9 system (gcc 4.4.7). We're a mix of RHEL 6.x and transit... Don Owen
10:41 PM Usage: RE: FST dumping 100x slower than VCD
Added bug1566 so this is tracked.
Wilson Snyder


09:27 PM Usage: RE: Reduce Compile Memory
Solved this by switching to clang, which ended up being 10x faster. GCC required creating a monster large file, which... Kevin Hurd


12:41 AM Usage: RE: recursive function support?
I presume you got an error message as opposed to a hang (that's what I get). Or perhaps you are not using the latest ... Wilson Snyder


08:51 AM Usage: recursive function support?
We have download a design from Github. This design can run correctly in VCS. But verilator compile hang.
Yong Fu
03:37 AM Usage: RE: Workaround for unsupported fopen in verilog library
Are you trying to simulate or just lint? If simulate this can't be ignored as it won't work, & perhaps contribute a ... Wilson Snyder


09:30 PM Usage: Workaround for unsupported fopen in verilog library
Hi all,
My design uses a library file with an $fopen call like this:...
Ted X

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