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# Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1617 Closed Normal Assoc array adds C++11 in the codebase Wilson Snyder 12/02/2019 12:59 PM
1597 AskedReporter High building verilator from source package 11/13/2019 02:15 PM
1518 Feature Normal Protect against --protect-lib Verilator runtime incompatibility Todd Strader 10/06/2019 01:27 PM
1506 NoFixNeeded Normal Compile with uvm-systemc 09/15/2019 09:09 PM
1504 Closed Normal Produce man files during 'make all' Todd Strader 09/11/2019 02:17 PM
1499 Closed Normal Have V3EmitC::emitcSyms honor --output-split-cfuncs Todd Strader 10/06/2019 02:07 PM
1491 Closed Normal Add --dpi-hdr-only option Todd Strader 08/29/2019 11:14 PM
1489 Feature Normal Python support for Verilated designs Maarten De Braekeleer 10/19/2019 12:23 PM
1460 Closed Normal fstapi.c compile errors. Richard Myers 06/16/2019 01:59 PM
1440 Closed Low V3Ast.cpp gives warning with -Winvalid-noreturn 05/15/2019 12:52 AM
1437 Closed Low -Wsign-compare warning in verilated.cpp Sergey Kvachonok 06/16/2019 01:58 PM
1433 Closed Normal Warnings from unused parameters in verilated_fst_c.h Pieter Kapsenberg 06/16/2019 01:58 PM
1427 Closed Normal Incorrect real parameter assignment Todd Strader 06/16/2019 01:59 PM
1421 Closed Normal gtkwave/lz4.c uses the "register" storage class, which is deprecated in C++17, removed afterwards Auto Update Daemon 05/09/2019 01:38 AM
1413 Closed Normal Wrong printf/scanf format specifiers used for MinGW targets Sergey Kvachonok 05/09/2019 01:37 AM
1407 NotEnoughInfo Urgent facing a error for verilatedvcdsc Wilson Snyder 05/10/2019 12:29 AM
1406 Closed Low Mixed _WIN32/WIN32 definitions causes compiler error over mkdir defintion in verilated.cpp in Visual Studio Wilson Snyder 03/24/2019 01:15 AM
1402 NoFixNeeded Low Compile verilator to webassembly 03/21/2019 11:20 AM
1370 Closed Normal Slow file compiled with OPT_FAST when --output-split is used Wilson Snyder 12/01/2018 08:17 PM
1355 NotEnoughInfo Normal Multi-thread example: --threads 1 (compile error) Wilson Snyder 03/10/2019 04:26 PM
1349 Closed Normal Cygwin verilator_coverage fails due to cygwin bug in getline() 12/01/2018 08:17 PM
1348 Closed Normal C++ unordered_set hash/comparator requirements 10/06/2018 02:14 PM
1339 Closed Normal Verilator v4.0 is not compatible with SystemC 2.3.2 09/03/2018 12:20 PM
1338 Closed Normal --trace of SystemVerlog string gives compile error Wilson Snyder 09/16/2018 09:28 PM
1336 Duplicate Urgent Verilator installation make error 03/30/2019 06:10 PM
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