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# Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1487 Resolved Normal New WIDTH warnings on genvars Todd Strader 08/12/2019 08:17 PM
1462 Closed Normal signal redeclaration is not reported Wilson Snyder 06/22/2019 04:50 PM
1442 Resolved Normal Enum value not made sized when enum sized Wilson Snyder 07/06/2019 08:27 PM
1439 Closed Normal Add "included from" and macro expansion information in error messages Todd Strader 07/15/2019 01:44 AM
1435 Resolved Normal Report column numbers and source text in error messages 07/15/2019 01:47 AM
1434 NoFixNeeded Normal systemverilog Scoped types in enums support 05/13/2019 04:05 PM
1424 Closed Normal Verilator does not complain about invalid parameter declaration Wilson Snyder 05/09/2019 07:03 AM
1405 WillNotFix Normal Port defined as a net but used as a reg is not flagged as an error Wilson Snyder 03/11/2019 08:33 AM
1400 Closed Normal Bug: verilator sometimes fails to detect electrical short Wilson Snyder 03/24/2019 01:15 AM
1395 Feature Normal Extend UNUSED to flag signals which are not in the cone of a module output 02/07/2019 01:00 AM
1388 Closed Normal Circular typedef causes infinite loop Wilson Snyder 01/28/2019 12:32 PM
1380 Closed Normal Large numbers silently truncated Wilson Snyder 01/28/2019 12:32 PM
1378 Closed Low SystemVerilog array initialization crashes verilator with no useful error message Wilson Snyder 01/28/2019 12:32 PM
1369 Closed Normal Raise error / warning on continous assignment to reg Wilson Snyder 08/18/2019 01:09 AM
1308 Closed Normal Missing # in parameter list crashes verilator with no useful error message Wilson Snyder 06/13/2018 01:29 AM
1305 Resolved Normal Error messages do not contain hierarchical information Todd Strader 07/26/2019 06:51 PM
1296 NoFixNeeded Normal SystemVerilog logic array inside struct should warn on bad index 10/05/2018 01:03 AM
1294 Closed Normal Connecting the wrong interface to a port does not cause an error Todd Strader 06/13/2018 01:29 AM
1290 Closed Normal scr1 test suite: assert properties don't work John Coiner 03/12/2018 11:44 PM
1288 Confirmed Normal scr1 test suite: In some cases mixed assignment to struct member fails 03/10/2018 08:32 PM
1275 Duplicate Normal genvar in always_comb doesn't fail or lint warn during compile when not in a generate block 02/13/2018 07:50 PM
1254 Closed Normal verilator generates infinite loop Wilson Snyder 01/02/2018 11:15 PM
1247 Closed Normal ALWCOMBORDER Warnings when driving interfaces 01/02/2018 11:15 PM
1246 Closed Normal modport declaration incorrectly treats some outputs as inputs Wilson Snyder 01/02/2018 11:15 PM
1241 Closed Normal Signal not driven/used warning when assigning values to modports Wilson Snyder 11/25/2017 08:47 PM
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