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# Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1455 Closed Low Multi-threaded verilated simulation on single-core Stefan Wallentowitz 06/16/2019 01:59 PM
1449 Closed Low deferred assertion support Wilson Snyder 06/16/2019 01:58 PM
1440 Closed Low V3Ast.cpp gives warning with -Winvalid-noreturn 05/15/2019 12:52 AM
1437 Closed Low -Wsign-compare warning in verilated.cpp Sergey Kvachonok 06/16/2019 01:58 PM
1417 Closed Low FST regression tests fail instead of skip if fst2vcd isn't installed Wilson Snyder 05/09/2019 01:38 AM
1411 Closed Low # comments support in .mem files Frederic Requin 05/09/2019 01:37 AM
1408 WillNotFix Low Support concatenation select 05/09/2019 11:25 PM
1406 Closed Low Mixed _WIN32/WIN32 definitions causes compiler error over mkdir defintion in verilated.cpp in Visual Studio Wilson Snyder 03/24/2019 01:15 AM
1402 NoFixNeeded Low Compile verilator to webassembly 03/21/2019 11:20 AM
1378 Closed Low SystemVerilog array initialization crashes verilator with no useful error message Wilson Snyder 01/28/2019 12:32 PM
1364 Closed Low Verilator hangs in malloc() when assignment pattern key is not found Wilson Snyder 12/01/2018 08:17 PM
1361 Closed Low Perl wrappers on windows [Patch included] Patrick Stewart 10/27/2018 12:44 PM
1351 WillNotFix Low Support for loading stimulus from VCD file 05/10/2019 12:28 AM
1350 Closed Low Support for immediate restict Wilson Snyder 10/06/2018 02:14 PM
1304 WillNotFix Low Codebase: Macro to iterate over nodes of known type 05/06/2018 02:26 PM
1303 NoFixNeeded Low VCD Filter Files Stefan Wallentowitz 08/28/2018 10:44 AM
1302 NoFixNeeded Low Doxygen documentation Stefan Wallentowitz 10/08/2018 11:26 AM
1301 WillNotFix Low Whitespaces in codebase 04/19/2018 06:35 PM
1297 Duplicate Low 1 Bit signed values Wilson Snyder 04/01/2018 11:52 AM
1284 Closed Low Unsupported --annotate-min command line argument for verilator_coverage tool Wilson Snyder 03/17/2018 04:03 PM
1265 Closed Low Fix status code of generated Makefile Stefan Wallentowitz 02/02/2018 01:17 AM
1263 NoFixNeeded Low Does the LGPL license on Verilator imply that my RTL would also fall into GPL? 01/16/2018 03:28 PM
1203 Closed Low Remove trailing whitespace from source files Wilson Snyder 09/12/2017 01:01 PM
1195 WillNotFix Low Feature request: Nested module definitions 08/30/2017 06:30 PM
1112 Closed Low passing an interface to a non-interface port causes internal error Johan Bjork 04/02/2017 12:51 PM
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