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Verilator 4.022 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 9 days ago

Verilator 4.022 2019-11-10

  • Add --protect-lib, bug1490. [Todd Strader]
  • Add cmake support, bug1363. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Examples have been renamed.
  • Add --protect-ids to obscure information in objects, bug1521. [Todd Strader]
  • Add --trace-coverage.
  • Add --xml-output.
  • Support multithreading on Windows. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Suppress 'command failed' on normal errors.
  • Support some unpacked arrays in parameters, bug1315. [Marshal Qiao]
  • Add interface port visibility in traces, bug1594. [Todd Strader]
  • Increase case duplicate/incomplete to 16 bit tables, bug1545. [Yossi Nivin]
  • Support quoted arguments in -f files, bug1535. [Yves Mathieu]
  • Optimize modulus by power-of-two constants, and masked conditionals.
  • Fix detecting missing reg types, bug1570. [Jacko Dirks]
  • Fix multithreaded yield behavior when no work. [Patrick Stewart]
  • Fix false CMPCONST/UNSIGNED warnings on "inside", bug1581. [Mitch Hayenga]

Verilator 4.020 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 1 month ago

Verilator 4.020 2019-10-06

  • Support $fseek, $ftell, $frewind, bug1496. [Howard Su]
  • Add --public-flat-rw, bug1511. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Support vpiModule, bug1469. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Make Syms file honor --output-split-cfuncs, bug1499. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix make test with no VERILATOR_ROOT, bug1494. [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]
  • Fix error on multidimensional cells, bug1505. [Anderson Ignacio Da Silva]
  • Fix config_rev revision detection on old versions.
  • Fix false warning on backward indexing, bug1507. [Hao Shi]
  • Fix ugly error on interface misuse, bug1525. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]
  • Fix misc bad-syntax crashes, bug1529-bug1533. [Eric Rippey]
  • Fix case statements with strings, bug1536. [Philipp Wagner]

Verilator 4.018 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 3 months ago

Verilator 4.018 2019-08-29

  • When showing an error, show source code and offer suggestions of replacements.
  • When showing an error, show the instance location, bug1305. [Todd Strader]
  • Add --rr, bug1481. [Todd Strader]
  • Change MULTITOP to warning to help linting, see manual.
  • Add XSim support to, bug1493. [Todd Strader]
  • Show included-from filenames in warnings, bug1439. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix elaboration time errors, bug1429. [Udi Finkelstein]
  • Fix not reporting some duplicate signals/ports, bug1462. [Peter Gerst]
  • Fix not in array context on non-power-of-two slices, msg2946. [Yu Sheng Lin]
  • Fix system compile flags injection. [Gianfranco Costamagna]
  • Fix enum values not being sized based on parent, bug1442. [Dan Petrisko]
  • Fix internal error on gate optimization of assign, bug1475. [Oyvind Harboe]
  • Add --dpi-hdr-only, bug1491. [Todd Strader]

Verilator 4.016 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 5 months ago

Verilator 4.016 2016-06-16

  • Add --quiet-exit, bug1436. [Todd Strader]
  • Error continuation lines no longer have %Error prefix.
  • Support logical equivalence operator <->.
  • Support VerilatedFstC set_time_unit, bug1433. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Support deferred assertions, bug1449. [Charles Eddleston]
  • Mark infrequently called functions with GCC cold attribute.
  • Fix sign-compare warning in verilated.cpp, bug1437. [Sergey Kvachonok]
  • Fix fault on $realtime with %t, bug1443. [Julien Margetts]
  • Fix $display with string without %s, bug1441. [Denis Rystsov]
  • Fix parameter function string returns, bug1441. [Denis Rystsov]
  • Fix invalid XML output due to special chars, bug1444. [Kanad Kanhere]
  • Fix performance when mulithreaded on 1 CPU, bug1455. [Stefan Wallentowitz]
  • Fix build error on MinGW, bug1460. [Richard Myers]
  • Fix not reporting some duplicate signals, bug1462. [Peter Gerst]
  • Fix --savable invalid C++ on packed arrays, bug1465. [Alex Chadwick]
  • Fix constant function return of function var, bug1467. [Roman Popov]

Verilator 4.014 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 6 months ago

Verilator 4.014 2019-05-08

  • Add --trace-fst-thread.
  • Support '#' comments in $readmem, bug1411. [Frederick Requin]
  • Support "'dx" constants, bug1423. [Udi Finkelstein]
  • For FST tracing use LZ4 compression. [Tony Bybell]
  • Add error when use parameters without value, bug1424. [Peter Gerst]
  • Auto-extend and WIDTH warn on unsized X/Zs, bug1423. [Udi Finkelstein]
  • Fix MinGW GCC 6 printf formats, bug1413. [Sergey Kvachonok]
  • Fix test problems when missing fst2vcd, bug1417. [Todd Strader]
  • Fix GTKWave register warning, bug1421. [Pieter Kapsenberg]
  • Fix FST enums not displaying, bug1426. [Danilo Ramos]
  • Fix table compile error with multiinterfaces, bug1431. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]

Verilator 4.012 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 8 months ago

Verilator 4.012 2019-3-23

  • Add +verilator+seed, bug1396. [Stan Sokorac]
  • Support $fread. [Leendert van Doorn]
  • Support void' cast on functions called as tasks, bug1383. [Al Grant]
  • Add IGNOREDRETURN warning, bug1383.
  • Report PORTSHORT errors on concat constants, bug 1400. [Will Korteland]
  • Fix VERILATOR_GDB being ignored, msg2860. [Yu Sheng Lin]
  • Fix $value$plus$args missing verilated_heavy.h. [Yi-Chung Chen]
  • Fix MSVC compile error, bug1406. [Benjamin Gartner]
  • Fix maintainer test when no Parallel::Forker, msg2630. [Enzo Chi]
  • Fix +1364-1995ext flags applying too late, bug1384. [Al Grant]

Verilator 4.010 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 10 months ago

Verilator 4.010 2019-01-27

  • Removed --trace-lxt2, use --trace-fst instead.
  • For --xml, add additional information, bug1372. [Jonathan Kimmitt]
  • Add circular typedef error, bug1388. [Al Grant]
  • Add unsupported for loops error, msg2692. [Yu Sheng Lin]
  • Fix FST tracing of wide arrays, bug1376. [Aleksander Osman]
  • Fix error when pattern assignment has too few elements, bug1378. [Viktor Tomov]
  • Fix error when no modules in $unit, bug1381. [Al Grant]
  • Fix missing too many digits warning, bug1380. [Jonathan Kimmitt]
  • Fix uninitialized data in verFiles and unroller, bug1385. bug1386. [Al Grant]
  • Fix internal error on xrefs into unrolled functions, bug1387. [Al Grant]
  • Fix DPI export void compiler error, bug1391. [Stan Sokorac]

Verilator 4.008 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder 12 months ago

  • Verilator 4.008 2018-12-01
  • Support "ref" and "const ref" pins and functions, bug1360. [Jake Longo]
  • In --xml-only show the original unmodified names, and add module_files and cells similar to Verilog-Perl, msg2719. [Kanad Kanhere]
  • Add CONTASSREG error on continuous assignments to regs, bug1369. [Peter Gerst]
  • Add PROCASSWIRE error on behavioral assignments to wires, msg2737. [Neil Turton]
  • Add IMPORTSTAR warning on import::* inside $unit scope.
  • Fix --trace-lxt2 compile error on MinGW, msg2711. [HyungKi Jeong]
  • Fix hang on bad pattern keys, bug1364. [Matt Myers]
  • Fix crash due to cygwin bug in getline, bug1349. [Affe Mao]
  • Fix __Slow files getting compiled with OPT_FAST, bug1370. [Thomas Watts]

RISC-V Contest Chooses Verilator

Added by Wilson Snyder 12 months ago

The 2018 RISC-V design contest has announced all submissions must be submitted only using Verilator.

The contest is to design a RISC-V soft CPU core, run by the RISC-V Foundation, and is sponsored by Google, Antmicro, Lattice Semiconductor and Microsemi. For more details see


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