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Verilator GIT Access

Added by Wilson Snyder about 11 years ago

Anonymous git access has been added to the Verilator source repository. This allows retrieval to the current un-released development code, in addition to all recent released versions.

For more details, see

Verilator 3.663 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 11 years ago

Verilator 3.663 2008/05/07

  • Add DESTDIR to Makefiles to assist RPM construction. [Gunter Dannoritzer]
  • Fix compiler warnings under GCC 4.2.1.
  • Fix preprocessor `else after series of `elsif. [Mark Nodine]
  • Fix parametrized defines calling define with comma. [Joshua Wise]
  • Fix comma separated list of primitives. [by Bryan Brady]

Verilator 3.662 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 11 years ago

Verilator 3.662 2008/04/25

  • Add Verilog 2005 $clog2() function. This is useful in calculating bus-widths from parameters.
  • Support /**/ comments in -f option files. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Add error message when modules have duplicate names. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Support defines terminated in EOF, though against spec. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Support optional argument to $finish and $stop. [by Stefan Thiede]
  • Support ranges on gate primitive instantiations. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Ignore old standard(ish) Verilog-XL defines. [by Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix "always @ ((a) or (b))" syntax error. [by Niranjan Prabhu]
  • Fix "output reg name=expr;" syntax error. [Martin Scharrer]
  • Fix multiple .v files being read in random order. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix internal error when params get non-constants. [Johan Wouters]
  • Fix bug introduced in 3.661 with parametrized defines.

Verilator 3.661 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 11 years ago

Verilator 3.661 2008/04/04

  • The --enable-defenv configure option added in 3.660 is now the default. This hard-codes a default for VERILATOR_ROOT etc in the executables.
  • Add --language option for supporting older code. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Add --top-module option to select between multiple tops. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Unsized concatenates now give WIDTHCONCAT warnings. [Jonathan Kimmitt] Previously they threw fatal errors, which in most cases is correct according to spec, but can be incorrect in presence of parameter values.
  • Support functions with "input integer". [Johan Wouters]
  • Ignore delays attached to gate UDPs. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix SystemVerilog parameterized defines with `` expansion, and fix extra whitespace inserted on substitution. [Vladimir Matveyenko]
  • Fix no-module include files on command line. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix dropping of backslash quoted-quote at end of $display.
  • Fix task output pin connected to non-variables. [Jonathan Kimmitt]
  • Fix missing test_v in install datadir. [Holger Waechtler]
  • Fix internal error after MSB < LSB error reported to user. [Stefan Thiede]

Verilator 3.660 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 11 years ago

Verilator 3.660 2008/03/23

  • Add support for hard-coding VERILATOR_ROOT etc in the executables, to enable easier use of Verilator RPMs. [Gunter Dannoritzer]
  • Allow multiple .v files on command line. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Convert re-defining macro error to warning. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Add --error-limit option. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Allow __ in cell names by quoting them in C. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix genvar to be signed, so "< 0" works properly. [Niranjan Prabhu]
  • Fix assignments to inputs inside functions/tasks. [Patricio Kaplan]
  • Fix definitions in main file.v, referenced in library. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix undefined assigns to be implicit warnings. [Stefan Thiede]

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