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From 12/20/2019 to 01/18/2020


03:18 AM Issue #1645: Indenting after string parameter results in error with verilog-indent-lists nil
Thank you for the quick fix! Aaron Griffith


03:19 PM Issue #1076 (NotEnoughInfo): XEmacs freezes for 11 seconds when pressing carriage return
Closing due to age, if someone wants to contribute a patch we'll consider it.
Wilson Snyder
03:16 PM Issue #1321 (Confirmed): indentation of coverpoint is incorrect if coverpoint expression is a con...
Still awaiting a patch+test.
Wilson Snyder
03:15 PM Issue #1516 (Confirmed): Wrong indentation after SV streaming statement
Perhaps someone would like to contribute a patch?
Wilson Snyder
03:14 PM Issue #1480 (NotEnoughInfo): how to import function
Wilson Snyder
03:13 PM Issue #1066 (WillNotFix): Indentation of OVM-SV code takes a long time
OVM is basically deprecated as UVM has replaced it.
So closing mostly due to age, and unlikely to get effort appli...
Wilson Snyder
03:12 PM Issue #986 (WillNotFix): AUTOWIRE misdeclares multidimensional arrays
Agree would be useful, but closing due to age as unlikely to get fixed in the medium term.
Wilson Snyder
03:08 PM Issue #904 (NotEnoughInfo): verilog-mode: Indenting user defined declarations
Closing due to age, appears abandoned. Open new bug if otherwise please.
Wilson Snyder
03:01 PM Issue #1645 (Closed): Indenting after string parameter results in error with verilog-indent-lists...
Thanks for the report. Fixed in git in 2019-12-21-0c22edc-vpo
Wilson Snyder
02:47 PM Issue #1526 (Closed): SystemVerilog cast on input ports causes signal to be ignored
Wilson Snyder

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