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Installing Verilog-Mode

Option 1: ELPA

Verilog Mode is part of the ELPA (Emacs Lisp Package Archive). Using a recent version of Emacs:

M-x list-packages RET

then search for Verilog Mode:

C-s verilog-mode RET RET

then click on "Install".

Option 2: Download

The most recent version is:

verilog-mode.el.gz (126KB, Mar 08 2020)
verilog-mode.el (566KB, Mar 08 2020)

Or, the last few versions:

To see what's changed, see Verilog-Mode Change History

Important Download Tip

Note some browsers will truncate these files if you click on the link to open it. Instead, if using Firefox, right-click on verilog-mode.el and "Save Target As" verilog-mode.el. If using Explorer, right-click on verilog-mode.el and "Save Link As." Choose to save the file, then when the save dialog shows up, change the filename from the wrongly defaulted "verilog-mode.el.htm" to "verilog-mode.el".


Place verilog-mode.el in your Emacs load-path, and add a few lines to your site-start .emacs file. See the instructions at the top of the .el file for details.

Option 3 - Sources

The source tree including tests is available at If using this distribution you will need to "make" then install e/verilog-mode.el, not the verilog-mode.el in the top of the directory (which does not have the version number in it).

Option 4 - GNU Emacs distribution

Verilog-mode.el also comes included as part of Emacs 21 and later. This version always lags the version here, by months to years. If you have issues with the version distributed with Emacs, please try the most recent releases using one of the methods above.


Verilog-mode.el runs on any operating system with a recent GNU Emacs or XEmacs.


To get notified of new releases, login, then click the "watch" button near the top right under Changes.