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Verilog-Perl 3.414 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 4 years ago

Verilog::Language 3.414 2015-06-26

  • Add Parser useProtected argument to aid runtime, bug899. [Corey Teffetalor]
  • Fix Preproc loop under Perl-Tk, bug913. [Stefan Tauner]
  • Fix vhier infinite loop on recursive modules.
  • Fix preprocessing stringified newline escapes, bug915. [Anton Rapp]
  • Fix building for Mac 10.10 with Perl 5.18.2, bug923. [S Liu]
  • Fix parsing comments before signal end, bug917. [Raj G, Jeffrey Huynh]

Verilog-Perl 3.408 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 5 years ago

Verilog::Language 3.408 2014-11-15

  • Fix +define+A+B to define A and B to match other simulators, bug847. [Adam Krolnik]
  • Show old and new value when redefining a define, bug846. [Adam Krolnik]
  • Fix loss of trireg on output signals, msg1491. [Matt Lanahan]
  • Fix quoted comment slashes in defines, bug845. [Adam Krolnik]

Verilog-Perl 3.404 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 5 years ago

Verilog::Language 3.404 2014-06-08

  • Added Verilog::Netlist/Verilog::Parser parser option.
  • In vppreproc, add option -P as alias of --noline to match GCC.
  • Fix modport outside ANSI header, bug777. [Joe Dudas]
  • Fix virtual modport without interface, bug778. [Jon Nall]
  • Fix string corruption, bug780. [Derek Lockhart]
  • Fix Bison 4.0 warnings.

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