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Vregs 1.460 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 11 years ago

Vregs 1.460 2008/09/15

  • Vreg now does not create files by default. Use --files to get all files, or specific flags to enable each output.
  • VregsRegEntry now includes register attribute string.
  • With -nofielddefines attribute, suppress class and field definitions. This avoids the almost duplicate defines for derived registers.
  • With -packholes attribute, reduce VregsRegInfo memory usage on registers with large spacing between entries. [Brian Cassell]
  • Allow package attributes to set values.
  • Fix CM# defines with registers over 32 bits. [Vasu Arasanipalai]
  • Fix Perl warning when registers have no bits. [by Vasu Arasanipalai]

Vregs 1.450 is Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 12 years ago

Vregs 1.450 2008/01/03

  • Added vreg_latex2html program.
  • Update Latex example to use tablex and environments.
  • When HTML errors are found, report line numbers instead of char#.
  • Fix HTML::Parser missing occasional characters.
  • Fix tests under 32bit GCC 4.1.2 systems. [Bernd Weber]

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