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Wilson Snyder

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12:03 PM Verilator Issue #1632: %m format argument to $display causes error: ‘SCOPE_OTHER’ is not a member of ‘Veril...
Works for me, what is your command line?
12:58 AM Verilator Issue #1631 (Confirmed): -Wno-lint disables LITENDIAN and allows silent generation of code incons...
Ok, seems reasonable to clean this up then.
Perhaps you could try to put together a patch? The code that does this...
12:56 AM Verilator Issue #1630 (NoFixNeeded): Not able to force values on wires in positive edge of clock cycle
Making a signal public doesn't act like a force, rather it makes the storage that's already there able to be accessed...
12:20 AM Verilator Issue #1606: Complete string methods (starter project)
This is merged, great work. FYI I made two minor changes, fixed some spacing to be closer to clang-format, and avoid...


05:40 PM Verilator Issue #1606: Complete string methods (starter project)
I'm sorry, I misread the added includes as being in the .h file. Adding includes is fine in the verilated.cpp file.
05:33 PM Verilator Issue #1631: -Wno-lint disables LITENDIAN and allows silent generation of code inconsistent with ...
LITENDIAN was intended not to change the results.
Can you please run this on all of the big-3 e.g. on edaplaygroun...
02:55 AM Verilator Issue #1629 (WillNotFix): Optimize wide vectors to use 64 bit entries
This is to capture notes on a performance experiment.
Verilator uses arrays of 32-bit words for signals over 64 bi...


01:13 PM Verilator Issue #1596 (Closed): Travis tweaks
In 4.024.
01:13 PM Verilator Issue #1604 (Closed): Unknown node in split color() map on empty if
In 4.024.
01:12 PM Verilator Issue #1605 (Closed): for loop initialisation clause skipped
In 4.024.
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