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Julius Baxter

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  • Registered on: 10/08/2012
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02:23 AM Verilator Usage: RE: Very basic eval() usage question
The code snippet I pasted above actually works fine. There was something in my actual app which didn't work, for some...


03:31 AM Verilator Usage: Very basic eval() usage question
I want to write some functions in the same C++ file as the main() function is in which will also call top->eval();


04:53 PM Verilator Usage: Clearing packed array
I've come across an issue where Verilator doesn't like clearing packed arrays. Eg:...


09:50 AM Verilator Issue #566 (Closed): Referencing SystemVerilog struct field of a member of an array of structs
The following code throws an error like it's a hierarchical reference, however it's just accessing a field of a struc...


04:26 PM Verilator Usage: Reason for error message: Unsupported: Non-constant inside []'s in the cell part of a dott...
I'd like to get a clarification for the reason for the following error:
Unsupported: Non-constant inside []'s in ...
04:11 PM Verilator Issue #517: Constant expression in generated block index not recognized
I am also wondering if there is an update on this feature.
I'm more interested in the case of addressing members i...
11:23 AM Verilator Usage: RE: Parameter in package used for signal width
Whoops, I see the problem with what I was doing just now - not supposed to import the package inside the module!
11:20 AM Verilator Usage: RE: Parameter in package used for signal width
Thanks Wilson, appreciated!
How are you importing the package? I can't seem to make it work.
If I try:
10:55 AM Verilator Usage: RE: Parameter in package used for signal width
This actually appears to be an issue with fishing parameters out of packages in general:
If is simply:...
09:51 AM Verilator Usage: Parameter in package used for signal width
If I have a SystemVerilog package declaring a parameter, and then attempt to use that parameter to define the width o...

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