Introduction to Verilog-Mode

Written by John McNamara and Wilson Snyder.


Verilog-mode.el is the extremely popular free Verilog mode for Emacs which provides context-sensitive highlighting, auto indenting, and provides macro expansion capabilities to greatly reduce Verilog coding time. It supports AUTOs and indentation in Emacs for traditional Verilog (1394-2005), the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) and SystemVerilog (1800-2005/1800-2009).

Verilog-mode also allows you to insert AUTOS in non-AUTO designs, so IP interconnect can be easily modified. You can also expand SystemVerilog ".*" port instantiations, to see what ports will be connected by the simulators.


Verilog-mode.el is being used by thousands of engineers world wide. The Verilog AUTOS are in use by many of the leading IP providers, including IP processor cores sold by Arm.


See the Verilog-Mode FAQ for many examples of expanding Verilog AUTOs, and the presentations under the Verilog-Mode Documentation.

Start with a simple Verilog module in Emacs:

And just by installing Verilog-Mode we get syntax highlighting and automatic indentation. Hit two keys and AUTO keywords expand.

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See the menu at the top of this page, which include: * Verilog-Mode Installing/Download * Verilog-Mode Documentation * Verilog-Mode FAQ

Note to Searchers

If you're looking for Verylog-mode or an Emacs mode for Verylog HDL, this is it, you just need to correct your spelling. :) Also, some people search for systemverilog-mode or system-verilog-mode for Emacs; Verilog-Mode is what you want, we wrote Verilog-Mode before SystemVerilog was named.