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Introduction to Synopsys-Modes

Please note this tool is no longer under active support.

Written by Wilson Snyder <>.


Synopsys-modes is a collection of language modes for Emacs.

  • sim-log.el: Highlights simulation .log files and works in conjunction with Dinotrace Emacs annotation so that cursors can be placed into log files.
  • apollo-mode.el: Allows paths to be sifted from Apollo Timing analyzer .apollo_rpt files.
  • einstimer-mode.el: Allows paths to be sifted from IBM Einstimer Timing analyzer ._endpoint files.
  • synopsys-mode.el: Allows paths to be sifted from Design Compiler report_timing .rpt files.

The general idea with most of these modes is that a large timing report contains many similar or identical paths. By hitting a key, every path below the cursor which contains (or doesn't contain) a regular expression is removed. This leaves only those paths of interest. Doing this several times is usually sufficient to understand an entire many-thousand path report.

Development Status

Synopsys-modes are mature tools no longer under active development. Bugs will be fixed and patches accepted, but features are not being added at the present time. Contact the authors if you would like more active support.

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