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Introduction to System-Perl

Written by Wilson Snyder <>.


This perl library, SystemC-Perl, or SystemPerl for short, provides four major sub-packages:

  • SystemC-Mode is a language mode for Emacs, providing language sensitive highlighting similar to C++ mode.
  • SystemC::Parser reads SystemC files, and extracts tokens as a basis for writing other tools.
  • SystemC::Netlist builds netlists out of SystemC files. This allows easy scripts to determine things such as the hierarchy of SC_MODULEs. The netlist database parallels that of Verilog::Netlist for multi-language environments.
  • sp_preproc provides extensions to the SystemC language, called the SystemPerl language. This allows most of the Tedium to be removed from SystemC coding, just as the author's /*AUTO*/ comments in &VERILOG_MODE; did for the Verilog language.
  • SystemPerl also includes patches required to run SystemC on GCC 3.0 and newer systems, including some 64 bit systems.

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